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About us

As Pakistan surges forward to a smarter time and age, there is a need for newer, innovative and faster construction solutions that will fuel this momentum. AZ Roofing System is an enabler in this growth through its steel-based modular construction solutions and today, it serves over 4 province in Pakistan and helps create a better life for millions of Pakistani.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of prefabricated solutions for housing, sanitation, safe drinking water, portable cabins and premium living. Our products are geared towards meeting existing and upcoming requirements under various government initiatives like the Clean Pakistan Mission, the Smart Cities Mission and corporate requirements for industrial amenities & projects and operations.

Buyers Guide

We have an extensive range of innovative and fast construction solutions that can be categorised according to the needs of the buyer.

Community Solutions

Find our range of community solutions that have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the community in modern times. Be it a smart water ATM or technology-integrated toilet, we have solutions that address the most pressing problems in the community in this day and age.

Light Infrastructure

Built to address the growing need for light infrastructure solutions in modern times, these structures are lightweight, portable and turnaround time turnaround time is minimum. They can also be beautified, which makes them easy to use for recreational purposes.

Personal Housing And Housing Extension

These are structures that are specially built as an annexure to an already-existing house, most preferably on the rooftop. They are endowed with luxurious offerings that were only available in traditional brick-and-mortar houses in an urban community and can be a worthy extension of your dream home.

AZ Roofing System Is Aligned With

AZ Roofing System Is Aligned With