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Business and Government Solutions

SmartNest is a unique Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) hybrid solution that uses Light PEB and panelised construction. It is ideal for building industrial amenities, residential complexes, offices and commercial spaces, community centres, schools, hospitals, and more.

MobiNest is a range of portable & customisable steel cabins with high-quality insulation designed to be easy to install and relocate, meeting the fast-paced needs of the modern business and consumer world. MobiNest is most commonly used to create storage containers, site offices, cafes, mess rooms, kitchens, creches, homes for pets, retail kiosks, and yoga and recreational centres.

EzyNest is a modern, durable and safe one-stop sanitation solution. EzyNest modular toilets are thermally insulated, generate minimal construction waste, and large parts of the unit are recyclable. The toilets are extremely easy and quick to construct and can be installed in the toughest of terrains and remotest of locations.

Individual Solution

AZStudio is our range of premium prefabricated living solutions, enabling you to create a premium living or working space with well-designed structures. It ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free installation, providing turnkey solutions with luxurious interiors and exteriors with a premium finish. With Nestudio, you can construct a farmhouse, vacation home, villa or bungalow, resort or cottage, activity and party rooms, rooftop personal office, and rooftop house for an extra living space.

CanvaNest is an aesthetic, tensile-fabric-based canopy solution An aesthetic canopy structure made with high-quality tensile fabric, CanvaNest can be used for a variety of applications, both personal and commercial. Tensile structures are created by pressuring or tensioning a membrane and fashioning structures out of them.

GazeBox also provides cover for any outdoor area, serving as a gazebo, pool cover, pergola, veranda, or any other outdoor cover need. GazeBox is completely customizable and easy to install. With color choices for the frame, screws, panels, and indoor lighting.

Currently offer AZStudio solutions in the following regions: Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan.

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