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AZStudio – Prefabricated Housing Solutions

AZStudio is a premium building & housing solution from AZRS. You can build your dream farmhouse, cottage, office, gym or rooftop home extension with this designer grade, modular, quick to build solution.

AZStudio, Nest-In’s range of premium prefabricated living solutions, enables you to create a premium living or working space with well-designed structures. It ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free installation, providing interiors and exteriors with a premium finish.

AZStudio is a perfect and rapid solution to build a dream cottage on hills or a farmhouse of your imagination. You can even utilize it to build an office space, personal gym, extra room, living space, etc., on your rooftop. Our business clients have also used it to build resort cottages, conference rooms and commercial spaces. Whatever the need, AZStudio fulfils it with exquisite and tasteful designs, which are not just sturdy but stylish too.

What’s More? You can now move into your dream space in just half the time it takes for conventional construction!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sizes or layouts of AZStudio available?

It can be made in any size required. Can be made as small as a 1 BHK to as big as 4-5 BHK farmhouses. Other applications with larger size requirement are also possible.

What kind of flooring is done?

We offer glazed ceramic tiles similar to the flooring used in conventional buildings.

Wall & Roof Panel details

Wall panel is 60 mm thick whereas roof panel is 40 to 70 mm. Panels are made of Galvanized steel (0.5 mm) at both sides with PUF insulation inside. It acts like a sandwich panel.

What is AZStudio?

AZStudio is a Steel based prefabricated living space, crafted with premium exterior and interior finish. It can be made on rooftops or on ground as per the requirement. There are both standard layouts of AZStudio as well as customized designs based on the customers requirements.

What is the price of AZStudio?

The prices vary as per the design, finishes, level of customization and the area of construction. Price starts at ~ Rs. 6500 – 15000 per sq ft which includes complete structure, installation, electrical, sanitary fittings and finishing. Further, transportation to the construction site is arranged by AZRS and cost is included in the offer.

Can I relocate my house?

Yes, the house can be easily dismantled and relocated depending on need, as 60% of the material is recoverable. Only plinth, civil work and finishing items are non-recoverable.

What are the kinds of insulation available?

The insulation used Is “Polyurethane Rigid Foam”. This material is suitable for a temperature range between -20 degree Celsius to +80 degree Celsius. It is not easily ignitable and contact of water has negligible effect on it. The material also provides sound insulation.

What is the type or quality of electrical and sanitary fittings?

Sanitary fittings: We provide branded ceramic seats and basin. Brands provided are Kajaria, Cera, etc. Electrical fittings: We provided branded fans, light fittings, MCBs , fire resistant cables and modular switches.

Do I need permission for installing a AZStudio from local authorities when constructed on rooftop?

It depends on the laws of the location and local construction rules and regulations. Obtaining permission from local authorities is the responsibility of the customer. This unit comes under prefabricated construction.