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EzyNest – Readymade Modular Toilets & Outdoor Portable Toilets

EzyNest is a steel-based modular toilet that provides an effective, end-to-end sanitation solution for communities by AZRS.

EzyNest, AZRS range of modular sanitation solutions contributes towards a healthy living for individuals and communities. The solution, launched during the clean pakistan Mission, is aimed at countering sanitation problems in areas where communities do not have access to hygienic public toilets.

The toilets are thermally insulated and generate minimal construction waste where large parts of the unit are recyclable. This easy and quick modular construction solution can be installed on harsh terrains and remote locations. EzyNest is a one-stop turnkey sanitation solution for prevention of harmful diseases and contribute to basic health for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different offerings available under EzyNest?

EzyNest has a 3×4 feet standard offering. We can provide any number of units in a row. We provide a complete solution including installation, which is also included in the cost. We also have an offering for the physically handicapped, which is a 6×4 feet sized unit.

Who will make the toilet? Do I have to engage a civil contractor or any fabricator for building the toilet?

AZRS authorised Solution Partners are present Pan India and they have teams of trained fabricators, who will build the toilet for you. Charges for installation are included in the cost of the toilet. You do not have to engage yourself/ anyone else for building the toilet.

How long will it take for the material to reach the site?

The delivery lead time varies from 10- 15 days depending upon the site location and layout. Lead time will also vary as per availability & location which needs to be discussed with the regional sales manager during order finalisation.

Will the EzyNest steel structure rust?

EzyNest steel structure is made of zero spangled cold rolled 120 GSM Galvanised powder coated 40 mm thick EPS panels. They will not rust as long as the outer galvanised coating of the steel structure remains intact and is not manually damaged.

What are the toilets made of?

Walls are made of zero spangled cold rolled 120 GSM Galvanised powder coated 40 mm thick EPS panels.

How much time is required to build a modular toilet?

Standard time to build a single unit is approximately 3 days once the material reaches the site. A truckload with 30 units takes around 7 days for installation.

What is the life of the modular toilet?

Compared to a normal prefabricated structure, AZRS unit will have higher life. The unit is expected to last very long, if maintained properly.