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SmartNest – Modular Building Construction Solutions With LGSF

SmartNest is a Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) construction solution by AZ Roofing System.

SmartNest is a unique Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) solution from the house by AZ Roofing System. It is ideal for building industrial amenities, residential complexes, offices, community centres, schools, hospitals, and more. Construction of up to G+3 levels are possible with SmartNest.

SmartNest buildings are constructed in almost 1/3rd the time it takes for conventional construction, provide more usable space and are suited for construction in difficult terrains as well. These structures are best suited for disaster prone areas, which are not just sturdy but completely hassle-free to maintain.

Features & Benefits Of SmartNest

Environmental Benefits

A life cycle assessment study conducted for SmartNest with a similar RCC structure highlighted significant environmental benefits over a range of life cycle categories.

Applications Of SmartNest

Components &

Specifications of SmartNest

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different applications available under SmartNest?

SmartNest can be used to construct industrial amenities, residential complexes, farmhouses, schools, college campus, hospitals, Community centres, cafeterias, etc.

How much time is required to build SmartNest?

Standard time to build an average 500 sq ft. SmartNest unit is approximately 25 days once the material reaches site.

What kind of roofs are available for SmartNest units?

The standard offer includes the AZ roofing sheets of 10’ x 4’ having 0.50 mm thickness. If you wish to use AZ Sheet, or higher/ lower thickness AZ roofing sheets then the same can be offered as per your preference. You will have to pay the price difference, if any.

What are the different types of layout options available?

We have standard layouts available for each offering i.e. 1 BHK , 2 BHK, 3 BHK houses, Studio, Cafeteria, Offices, Shops, Medical Units, Schools, Community centers, Cottages and Farmhouses. Other than standard layouts, we also provide customized layouts based on customer requirements.

Can a SmartNest unit be made on the rooftop?

Yes, SmartNest units can be on the rooftop, provided it is certified by the authorized agencies that the base house can take the required load of the SmartNest solution. We do not take responsibility of the house on which a SmartNest solution has to be installed. We have standard rooftop layouts which you may choose from. We can also provide customized rooftop units based on your preferences.

Does the customer have to arrange for anything?

Yes, the customer has to provide the following things: Septic tank for bathroom and kitchen Electric and water supply connections up to prefab house Space for material storage

How long will it take for material to reach at site?

The delivery lead time varies from 10-15 days, depending on the site location and layout. Lead time will also vary as per availability and location, and it needs to be discussed with the Regional Sales Manager during the order finalization.

Can I customize the layout as per my needs before commencement of construction?

You may choose the standard layout that fits your requirement. If the standard layout is not fitting your requirements, you can contact our Regional Sales Managers who will provide you all the support you need to customize your SmartNest. In case of 100% customization required, charges may apply depending on the requirement.

What kind of doors and windows will be provided in SmartNest units?

SmartNest offers powder coated, galvanized zero spangled doors and frames with basic accessories (i.e. Lock, Tower Bolt, Door Frame). For windows, SmartNest offers steel frames/trims and aluminum windows (Sliding/ casement type).